May 12, 2019
You’ve Got Him, Now What?
1 Corinthians 13
  • May 12, 2019You’ve Got Him, Now What?
    May 12, 2019
    You’ve Got Him, Now What?
    1 Corinthians 13
  • May 5, 2019Let the Children Come
    May 5, 2019
    Let the Children Come
  • Apr 28, 2019Jonathan Shelor
    Apr 28, 2019
    Jonathan Shelor
    Pastor Jonathan Shelor in view of a call to Happy Valley.
  • Apr 21, 2019What Happens Today
    Apr 21, 2019
    What Happens Today
    Luke 23:26
  • Apr 14, 2019When is Good News, Good News?
    Apr 14, 2019
    When is Good News, Good News?
    2 Kings 6-7
  • Apr 7, 2019When God is Silent
    Apr 7, 2019
    When God is Silent
    Have you ever gotten the silent treatment?  How do we respond when God is Silent? Romans 8:26-39.
  • Mar 24, 2019Impact
    Mar 24, 2019
  • Mar 10, 2019Dealing With Your Past
    Mar 10, 2019
    Dealing With Your Past
    "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas".  Does it really?  How does your past affect you and what can you do about it?  Join us as we discover the answer Paul gives us in 2 Corinthians 5:17.
  • Feb 24, 2019Designed for Unity
    Feb 24, 2019
    Designed for Unity
    Ephesians 4:1-6
  • Feb 17, 2019Desire to Grow
    Feb 17, 2019
    Desire to Grow
    1 Peter 2:1-3
  • Feb 10, 2019Better Together
    Feb 10, 2019
    Better Together
    We call them friendships. But they’re not. I don’t care what social media says. Acquaintances does not = friendships. Another parody that we have settled for is popularity...
  • Feb 3, 2019Start a Great Journey
    Feb 3, 2019
    Start a Great Journey
    “God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God. (2 Corinthians 5:21)
  • Jan 27, 2019Division from Within
    Jan 27, 2019
    Division from Within
  • Jan 23, 2019Live Your Grace Life Now
    Jan 23, 2019
    Live Your Grace Life Now
  • Jan 13, 2019What is Your Purpose?
    Jan 13, 2019
    What is Your Purpose?
    Four Questions
  • Dec 30, 2018Unexpected Things in Uncertain Times
    Dec 30, 2018
    Unexpected Things in Uncertain Times
    The New Year is almost here! What will 2019 bring? Did 2018 turn out like you expected?
    Sometimes we have good years, but other times we have years full of disappointment.
    2019 will be one of those for you.
    We face uncertain and unexpected times constantly. Life usually turns out different than you expect.
  • Dec 9, 2018A Messiah Comes
    Dec 9, 2018
    A Messiah Comes
  • Dec 2, 2018When Christmas Isn’t As Planned
    Dec 2, 2018
    When Christmas Isn’t As Planned
    Christmas is often a time when we gather together with extended family and it is never exactly like the sentimental pictures and TV shows, where everything and everyone is perfect. Everybody has that obnoxious uncle, that strange aunt, and that twisted cousin. And we all know that grandpa is getting crazier every year.
  • Nov 11, 2018Four Decisions About Courage
    Nov 11, 2018
    Four Decisions About Courage
    Where did the disciples courage come from? From looking at Jesus.
    What decision of courage do you need to act on? 
  • Nov 4, 2018Living in Exile
    Nov 4, 2018
    Living in Exile
    We are far too interested in looking like the rest of the world. For some of us making things easy is the goal. We value comfort rather than commission. Safety rather than salvation. Being of the world not just in the world. God’s Word is clear. We are exiles, aliens, transients. We don’t belong with the patterns of this world. This is not our forever home. Our desire to look like the rest of the world is sin.
  • Oct 21, 2018Live a Life You Won’t Regret
    Oct 21, 2018
    Live a Life You Won’t Regret
    What is life for? Why are we here? God answers that question in many ways. All of life is for God's glory.
    Don't waste your life by turning away from God.
  • Oct 7, 2018If Not You, Then Who? If Not Now Then When?
    Oct 7, 2018
    If Not You, Then Who? If Not Now Then When?
    “If Not You, Then Who and If Not Now Then When.” Rabbi Hillel the Elder
  • Sep 30, 2018Identity
    Sep 30, 2018
    How do you see yourself? How do others see you? How do you think God sees you?
    You are a new creation! What God says about you is the most important thing. Be confident in who God says you are.
  • Sep 23, 2018Be Fruitful!
    Sep 23, 2018
    Be Fruitful!
    It makes God happy when fruit comes forth from our lives. He wants to transform us through the work of the Holy Spirit so we look like Jesus. The only way we can produce fruit is if we are connected to Jesus, the vine.  When we demonstrate this fruit we show Christ to others. We need to live fruitful lives.
  • Sep 9, 2018The Most Painful Moment
    Sep 9, 2018
    The Most Painful Moment
    The cross was a dangerous place to be.  One would have needed a lot of courage to stand with Jesus that day, and at this point, most of His disciples were in hiding, one had betrayed Him and another had denied Him.  Only one of the 12 stood with Him. 
  • Sep 2, 2018The Importance of Prayer
    Sep 2, 2018
    The Importance of Prayer
    Nehemiah 1 shows the importance of prayer.
    Prayerlessness is the height of arrogance. It is saying to God, "I don't really need You". Prayer is telling God, "I need You".
  • Aug 12, 2018Back to the Basics
    Aug 12, 2018
    Back to the Basics
  • Jul 22, 2018Come and See
    Jul 22, 2018
    Come and See
  • Jul 15, 2018Slow Down
    Jul 15, 2018
    Slow Down
  • Jul 8, 2018Healthy Conflict
    Jul 8, 2018
    Healthy Conflict