Life Groups are where you will find Gospel-formed community on mission.


We like to say that LG's are where a lot of church really happens


Life Groups meet weekly with three aims in mind: (1) study God's Word, (2) build authentic Christian community, and (3) be a place where those who don't yet know Jesus can feel welcome. 

God's Word often calls us to love one another (John 13:34-35). Actually there are a lot of 'one-anothers' in Scripture. It's difficult to do this well in a large Sunday gathering and that's why we think committing to building relationships in a Life Group is so vital for the Christian life. LG's are where you can be known and loved as well as know and love others.  


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Life Groups meet both on Sundays and throughout the week, on the church campus and all over the city. Click HERE to find one that works for you and contact the leader to find out more.