Why Join A Church?

You aren't meant to live your life alone. God calls all followers of Jesus to meaningful membership in the local church. 

There are a lot of great reasons to join a church, but here are three that rise to the surface. If you have further questions or would like to speak with a Pastor about what it means to engage in meaningful membership, we would love to connect!

  1. It's Biblical. You might be wondering where in Scripture it speaks directly to church membership. Well, it doesn't. But it is implied and understood again and again. There is simply no Biblical example of the church-less Christian. God's design for His children is meaningful commitment to one another, which we believe is best exercised through membership in the church. 
  2. It edifies the church. The Lord is not only concerned about our individual spiritual growth. He tells us that we are to be 'members of one another' (Rom. 12:4-8). As such, God intends for the work He does in each of us to benefit and bless the other members of our body; we join a church in order to commit to serving and caring for others as Jesus commands and calls us to do. 
  3. It's for your good, too. Church membership blesses us as an encouraging assurance of our faith, in as much as anything can. And it binds us to others who are intent to seek our edification, sanctification, and to serve us as best they can. We do not join for selfish ambition, but it is a God-given blessing to know we have others committed to our good just as we are to theirs. 

How to Join Happy Valley Baptist Church

Church Membership is for all who have repented of their sin and professed faith in Jesus Christ, having been baptized by immersion as a sign and celebration of their salvation. When you join Happy Valley, we want to ensure that you are known and that you can enter in to our church body already connected to others in the church. To help us get to know one another, we ask that all new members follow these steps toward membership: 

  1. Attend regularly.
  2. Attend a New Members Class
  3. Meet with a Pastor. 
  4. Seek approval from the congregation.