Foundations Class

Everyone must discover for themselves how to know and follow Jesus. Whether you have an extensive history of being in the church or are fairly new to Christ, most people have some idea that there are things they are ‘supposed’ to be doing like praying, reading the Bible, or talking to others about their faith. But a lot of the time knowing what you should do and feeling able to do it are a long way apart. The Foundations Class aims to bridge that gap. This 7-week course will equip you with foundational tools you need to know and follow Christ better.

Course Topics:

  • Week 1: Saved by God
  • Week 2: Living by God’s Ways
  • Week 3: Listening to God Through His Word
  • Week 4: Talking to God
  • Week 5: Meeting with God’s Family
  • Week 6: Meeting the World
  • Week 7: Living with Hope

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