In I Peter 2:12, we are encouraged to live our lives in and for Jesus so that others may see Him in us.  Hopefully, this will lead them to glorify God (see also Eph. 2:10).

Each day we wake up, pray, and get excited about sharing Christ with those whom we encounter throughout our day.  We know we are to love others, but do we realize that love does NO HARM to a neighbor (Rom. 13:10)?  That means that the first step for some of us who are quick witted and sharped tongued is to realize that demonstrating the love of Christ to others is often in what we do not do or say.  The words we use, as well as the tone of voice, are important.  The way we react to situations can be hurtful.  

Are we really here for others as Jesus is here for others through us?  The answer is absolutely, “Yes!”  His desire is that those whom we encounter will see Him by experiencing His kindness, grace, goodness, compassion, and forgiveness in our words and actions (Rom. 15: 5 – 9). 

Everyday evangelism leaves each person we encounter knowing that we value them just as Christ values them.  It is always Jesus’ desire that we interact with others in such a way that they know that He came to save them (Jn. 3:17).

Everyday evangelism should not result in a great debate, but rather, it should result in seeds of our faith being sown.  Our encounter with someone may be the only moment in their day when someone, who has no selfish reason for doing so, is kind and loving to them.  


  • The next time you are getting a haircut, begin sharing what you are doing at church or in your life group and invite them to join you
  • The next time you encounter someone on the phone who has no idea how to help you, why not thank them for working and tell them how valuable they are and how much the Lord wants to help them in these trying times
  • The next time you step into your office, make sure everyone gets a joyful, heartfelt greeting from you with the encouragement that you are there for them and make sure they have your phone number
  • The next time someone needs you, you say, “Yes”
  • The next time someone needs to vent, you listen

If you see these people again, ask them about something they shared with you and let them know you have been praying for them.  This may open a door for you to share even more with them about Christ.

Each day, let the Lord shine forth from you to all whom you encounter.  Anticipate tomorrow with joy.