Discipleship is the work of the church. 

Discipleship and evangelism are really two sides of the same coin. We all need to grow in our belief in and understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ - and by doing that, we learn to walk in freedom, put away our sin, and grow in Christlikeness. We need one another to help us down that road. 

We believe that everything the church does is part of discipleship. Its not one program or event - though those play a part too. Discipleship happens as we invest in one another through our relationships. We seek to invest most heavily in one another's personal growth through Discipleship Groups.

Discipleship Groups consist of 2-4 men or women meeting regularly to do 3 things:

  1. Study God's Word.
  2. Encourage one another.
  3. Respond together to what you learn.

We believe Discipleship Groups benefit everyone, no matter how long you have been following Jesus, and should be easily reproducible with you friends, family, and even those who have questions about Jesus.

Who can you invite to study God's Word with you in a Discipleship Group? Here is a great resource to get you started:

Growing in Christ Together

This 16-week guide is an ideal way to start meeting regularly with other men or women to study God's Word, encourage one another in the gospel, and grow together in Christlikeness. Buy the participant and leader copies to get started.